Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a new sign for my business?
You need to make sure that the customer can in fact find your place of business.  Furthermore, a sign will increase visibility to your place of business and attract bypassing potential customers.

Who designs the signs? 
We have dedicated designers to help you make your idea into a reality. If you’re in the situation that you have lost your original design, we are happy to help you recreate your art.

Why do I need art?
The art files have layers of information which allows us to manufacture your specific sign to your specific look. A regular picture does not have these dimensions and therefore can not be made into any type of sign without converting the file to an art file. (.ai or .eps)

How much are your signs?
​Depends on your size requirements, material requirements and your design requirements. We always strive to meet your budget.​
What kind of signs do you make?
​There are many types of signs and we are fortunate to be able to produce them all.​ For a more precise explanation of sign types, please refer to our products page.

We are only open in the daytimem why do we need a lighted sign?
​Potential customers ​do not always commute during your business hours. It is important to be as visible as possible at all times for your potential customers to  easily find you.
Can I use my logo on your signs?
Yes, you can. ​We encourage you to personalize your sign to match both your logo, your online presence with your sign. This makes it easier for your customer to recognize your brand.

​​How big are your signs?
​The size of your sign will depend on your city and county in which you place your sign.​
How long will my new sign last?
In Florida, the sun and the saltwater in the air deteriorates signs faster than national average and the longevity of your sign depends on the material being used.

How do I change the image or message on my digital electronic sign?
Your message center will either have a direct connect through a cad 5 line or through a wireless connection.​ Through those connections you will use a dedicated computer to change the messages on your digital electronic sign. Most of the newer systems will have an internet connection feature and you will connect through a dedicated website to make changes as you wish.

What are the benefits of a digital electronic sign?
You will be able to display multiple customer messages through out the day which will give you more interest and more visibility. ​

What colors can I use on my sign?
Most standard colors can be used for your sign.

How do I submit my artwork after entering an order?
You can attach a file on the website down below or you can send the attachment through email,

What is your production time?
Depends on the type of sign. Anywhere from 24 hours to 8 weeks.

Do you install your sign products?
Yes we do!​

What if the product is damaged or if the product delivered is not what I ordered?
​We go through a design process where you the customer signs off on the final proof before the sign goes into production.  ​If a sign that we produce does not match the agreed upon art we will make the changes to make sure your product matches the approved rendering and that you are satisfied.

How are payments made?
​When producing a sign, we take the 50% deposit at the time the art is approved and the final payment is due upon sign pickup or installation at your location. If the sign is permitted the final payment is not due ​until the inspections has been completed by your local city or county?

What type of images should I use for custom printed signs?
Any image can be used however the quality of the sign produced depends upon the resolution of the image or art.

Who is responsible for proofing my artwork?
Once the design has been completed and you are satisfied with the layout and colors. We require your final approval before the sign goes into production.

​If I need a custom product made, can you assist me?
We are a turn key sign company and we take your idea and turn into reality.​

How do I know that you received my order?
One of our associates will contact you directly by phone or email to make sure all of the information you have submitted is correct. We will help guide you to the best possible solution for you and your team.

What fonts can be used?
Any font can be used but there are restrictions depending on the materials that is being used to make your sign.

Can I use copyrighted images in my signage?
Yes, as long as you own the rights to the image.

How do you ensure quality with your products?
We ensure quality by warrantying the work that we do. For specific warranty questions please contact our office directly.​

What kind of maintenance will my sign require?
Maintenance depends upon the type of sign that you have. Simple digital prints or vinyl will be required to be replaced over time. If your sign is illuminated, the fluorescent lamps or leds will need to be replaced from time to time. Leds last longer and cost less to run. Both fluorescent and led have power supplies that can fail overtime and will need to replaced as they fail.

Is the color I see on my monitor accurate to what I’ll receive?
9/10 times the preset color settings on your monitor can display the proper color but there are times where your color properties can be off so if a specific color is preferred, please specify.

Can Sign Source provide on-site consultations?
Yes.​ We will send an associate to your location to go over your sign options and to do a building survey to ensure that the propsed sign will be allowed by your city or county.

How much will my sign cost?
Your sign cost will reflect on the materials being used and the size that you request. For example, simple vinyl can cost you less than $100 where as a digital message center will cost more than $10,000. The final cost can not be assessed until the design and choice of material has been completed.​ An estimate will be sent out to you before production.

​What colors when combined have increased visibility​?
​Colors that oppose each other when combined have the strongest contrast  such as orange and blue, red and green, yellow and purple

What is the process for determining the best sign for my needs?
We determine your options by consulting with you at your location to make sure we maximize all your sign space and options.

Do you make signs in standard sizes?
Yes we do. The only type of signs that are standard are parking lot signs, street signs and directional signs. All other signs are made to fit your specific needs.​

What file format can I use if I email it to you?
We prefer .ai, .psd, .eps, ​

Do you make business cards, flyers and menus?
Yes we do. We offer a complete design service ​from start to finish.